Frequently Asked Questions
Raw Hawaiian Honey

How should I store my Raw Honey once the jar has been opened?

Most people store honey at room temperature. Refrigeration is not necessary, but if want your raw honey thicker, the refrigerator will speed up the crystallization process. Most raw honeys will crystallize over time; cooler temperatures can speed this process.

What is the shelf life of honey?

Honey has the shelf life of a twinky. Because of the of the properties of honey, it will never spoil and has even been found in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs .

Why does the honey sometimes appear to have different layers?

As honey begins to crystallize, which is natural process to most all Raw Honey, the Glucose and Fructose sugars begin to separate.  The heavier Gyucose will settle at the bottom of the jar and increase as the process continues.

My honey has crystallized, what should I do?

Place your jar of honey in a warm-water “bath”. To protect the rawness of unheated honey, keep the water below 115°F.  There is a post in our  Beekeeping Journal that explains this in more detail.

Are your products free of pesticides and chemicals?



Do you treat your bees humanely?

We manage our bees like good stewards.  We choose locations that provide proper nutrition all year.  We also harvest the honey using bee-escapes, so as not to interfere with their routine

Do you use antibiotics in your beehives?

No, our bees are healthy and antibiotic free!!

Do you feed the bees sugar in the off-season?

We do not feed our bees sugar or pollen supplements. Our Raw Honey is the Finest Varietals in Hawaii because we are careful to place are bees where they can collect more that enough for the hive and Us.

Is your honey purchased from someone else or from other Countries?

We only sell honey that our bees produce.  We steward over 500 beehives in 22 locations across the Big Island of Hawaii.

What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B Honey?

Grade A honey has to be super clear, defect-free honey and can only be done with heat and hyperfiltration. Grade A is what most people consume and are the cheapest honeys.

Our Honey is Grade Bee honey because it’s raw, unheated and unfiltered. We believe honey should be pure, unfiltered and raw. Our honey is Hive to Table.,

Some of your honeys are more viscous than others; does this mean they were heated?

All raw honeys have different viscosities depending on the floral source. The moisture level can vary from 13 percent to 20 percent. Our cold packed honey is not heated.

How do you get the different varieties of honey?

We specialize in placing bees in areas that contain only one floral source or multi-source depending on the time of season.  The bees will mainly work that type of flower, which gives us the varieties. Due to uncontrollable circumstances like rain, sun, wind and plant growth, the taste, viscosity and color of the honey will change from year to year. 

Where can I buy honey from Raw Hawaiian Honey Company?


Our honey is available online, at our Farm on the Big Island in Keauu, and some Farmer’s Markets.