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Give or Receive a monthly shipment of four honey bears of our changing varietal Hawaiian Honey.  Free shipping is included with the Honey of the Month Club.

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A subscription to the Honey of the Month Club is a unique, year-round treat for yourself, or a great gift idea for friends, clients, colleagues, loved ones and especially parents.

Each month Hamakua Apiaries will surprise you with three of our Varieties of Hawaiian Honey in an 12 ounce Jars and also surprise you with two more Unique Honeys.  Th gift idea of unfiltered Hawaiian raw honey from is an unusual surprise because even we don’t know what flowers the bees were visiting until the harvest.  Hawaii is one of the most remote Islands in the world.  Our weather is dynamic, effected by the Pacific Ocean trade winds.  Combine this weather with the typography of the Big Island and you get 10 of the world 14 distinct micro-climates.

Each season of each year produces a further unique honey. For example, in 2019 the Christmas Berry bloomed 4 months early. Possibly resulting from the volcanic ash discharged in the 2018 Kilauea Eruption.  This early bloom resulted in the bees blending the Ohia-Lehua nectar with the Christmas Berry nectar.  The Ohia-Lehua is usually a white floral honey, but the yellow nectar of the Christmas Berry made the flavor taste more “earthy”.  The bees get some of the plant oil on their bodies and into the honey when they collect nectar from the Christmas Berry.

Not Your Usual Honey of the Month!

Each month we will ship a varietal honey from the East, West, and North side of the Big Island, to include Winter Eucalyptus Honey from higher elevations.  We will also send an infused or honey blend to include one of the following:

Blended Honeys
  • Cinnamon Blended Honey.
    A perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee, scones or as a ham glaze – you will enjoy our Christmas Berry Honey blended with the sweet-hot flavor of premium ground Saigon cinnamon!
  • Turmeric Enriched Honey.
    Our most medicinal blend, use topically on wounds, for inflammatory skin conditions, soreness inside the mouth or take internally for headaches, bronchitis, colds, lung infections, fever, menstrual problems water retention, depression or cancer. Warning: Turmeric might slow blood clotting. Taking turmeric along with medications that also slow clotting might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.
  • Chipotle Blended Honey 
    Christmas Berry Honey to infuse Chipotle and Garlic for your enjoyment.
    Hawaiian Ghost Pepper Honey.
    This is not your average honey. Everyone knows that guy … brother-in-law, friend, uncle … that douses everything in Sriracha. No flavor too big, no hot sauce too hot.  Don’t let the name fool you – the flavor here is complex: savory with a nice sting of heat.
    Chai Blended Honey.
    Pure enjoyment in your morning tea – you will enjoy our wildflower honey with our favorite blend of premium spices. Delightful!
    Ginger Blended Honey.
    Our wildflower honey blended with ground ginger root .
Infused Honey
  • Kiawe Blossom Honey.
    A pale yellow in color and very sweet, almost like butter cream icing!  Kiawe naturally crystallizes within a few weeks of harvest. Due to it’s rapid crystallization, the crystals are very tiny, so the raw honey has a naturally smooth, creamy texture.
  • Kau Coffee Infused Honey
    The subtle Naalehu Honey, blended with the rich roasted Kau coffee bean!
  • Vanilla Bean Infused Honey.
    Our Ohia-Lehua Honey is infused for at least 2 months with Hawaiian vanilla bean.
  • Lavender Infused Honey.
    Our delicate tasting Naalehu honey infused with lavender flowers rendering a smooth, light taste.

Many of our customers who weren’t passionate about honey in the past have become ardent honey lovers once they tasted the real thing. We look forward to having you join our extended family of honey lovers.


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