What do I do with Crystallized Honey?

Crystallized Honey
Crystallized Honey in Jar

If you have ever reached into the back of your cupboard and found jar of Crystallized Honey not looking quite as liquid and luscious as it did before you are not alone. Don’t worry though, your honey is still good to eat! It has just crystallized. 

Crystallization is a natural process. It is a sign of high quality unfiltered raw honey. Crystallization can even occur in the comb of an active beehive. There are three main factors which contribute to honey crystallization. 

Crystallized Honey in Beehive
  1. Temperature

Honey can crystallize in the hive or in your jars if the temperature goes below 50°F or 10°C. You might be able to delay the crystallization process by finding a warm place to store your honey.

  • The ratio of glucose to fructose present

Honey is a solution of two different kinds of sugar: glucose and fructose. The glucose sugars are the ones that crystallize. Honeys with high levels of glucose, like our Lehua honey, will crystallize faster. If you are looking for a slower crystallizing honey you can try our Christmas Berry honey. 

  • Pollen

Ultra Filtered Honey

Finding pollen in honey is normal especially in raw honey. There are even some health benefits to eating pollen like decreased inflammation and boosted immunity. But crystallization can happen faster when there are these small particles to build on. Most commercially processed honey is filtered to remove pollen but it also removes these health benefits. 

How to use Crystallized Honey

So don’t throw away your crystallized honey! While liquid honey is preferred by many people there are lots of ways to use crystallized honey. 

Crystallized honey works great in tea, coffee, and other hot beverages. The hot water dissolves those crystals. Plus I find this honey to have a stronger flavor; It makes my morning coffee taste full-bodied and rich.

Honey with more Glucose will Crystallize Faster

You can add crystallized honey to soups and sauces. Whenever I make tomato sauce using canned tomatoes I always add a spoonful of sugar to take away the canned flavor. You can use crystallized honey instead.

Baking with crystallized honey can be delicious. It is closer to the texture of sugar so it’s easier to use to replace sugar in recipes. In fact there are some recipes, like my favorite peanut butter honey cookies, which can benefit from the added texture of crystallized honey.

Crystallized honey won’t drip off the side of a slice of toast at breakfast time. Mix a little cinnamon on top for a tasty treat that can actually help lower cholesterol!

Exfoliate with Crystallized Honey

Or you can use crystallized honey in your beauty routine. Have a blemish? Dabbing a little of this honey on it will speed up the healing process and reduce inflammation. Its also a natural exfoliate. Applying some to your face removes dry, dull skin and reveals fresh new skin underneath. 

In short, there are so many interesting ways to use crystallized honey, so there’s no reason to throw it out!

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