Nature’s Bounty: Bee Pollen

Nature’s Bounty: Bee Pollen

Nature’s Bounty: Bee Pollen from Hawaii

We are witnessing an emergence of a new health trend as we start the new decade.

What we’re talking about is the increasing trend of people that are more discerning when it comes to their health. Various diet plans, health packages and other health-related programs and products are now becoming more and more appealing as flocks of people look for a “healthier” more organic way of living.

This movement, naturally, entails being more conscious when it comes to the food we intake day by day. Not just that, we are also more concerned about the origins of our vitamins and supplements as well. The more natural and organic a supplement was sourced, the more it is appealing to the consumers as they start to veer away from anything synthetic or “laboratory-made”.

Bee Pollen Trap

This brings us to a product that we at Raw Hawaiian Honey have started to produce. Raw Hawaiian Honey would like to introduce Bee Pollen.

Before anything else, you may wonder, what’s Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen, like honey, is something produced by bees as they go about searching for food for the colony. Bee Pollen is a ball of pollen made by bees when they land on a flower. It’s basically composed of pollen, saliva and nectar or honey. Bees carry these in a sac found in their legs and store them later on the hive’s honeycombs where they are left to ferment. Eventually, bee pollen becomes a source of nutrition even for the bees. The entire colony depends on this “bee bread”.

What makes Bee Pollen great?

We have all witnessed how honey plays a great role as a natural supplement and bee pollen functions the same way. Scientists all over the world have conducted several tests involving bee pollen and despite it being mostly with animals, it’s somewhat promising.

Hawaiian Bee Pollen

They have found out that bee pollen has the following effects:

  1. Antioxidants – bee pollen is rich in flavenols, resveratrol, lycopene and Vitamins (A, C and E). Normally, you’d find these in 4 different food groups but bee pollen has all four. Antioxidants keep people healthy by counteracting oxidants such as air pollution and smoking.
  2. Relieves allergies – ingesting pollens help one build a natural resistance to potential allergens and in turn reduce allergy symptoms.
  3. Osteoporosis – taking bee pollen may help boost bone levels of calcium and phosphate and protect it against osteoporosis-related bone loss.

These are just 4 of the many benefits of trying bee pollen. Should you want to give it a try, Raw Hawaiian Honey has several bee pollen products that you can choose from.

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