Raw Hawaiian Honey Company

My grandfather began keeping bees in California in the 1940’s, when honey cost $5 for 60 lbs.  My parents, who are now in their 70’s, still keeps bees in California.  Generations have enjoyed buying local honey from their small roadside stand and customers have become friends, stopping at their house just to talk story.
In 2004, I became the third generation to keep bees and continue the legacy of providing the finest raw honey for a reasonable price.
In 2012, I moved to Hawaii and created Hamakua Apiaries. The company started as a result of a small group where I used beekeeping to illustrate the idea of stewardship and the importance of tithing .  Within a few years, 16 beehives allowed us to create bee-yard across the Big Island.  As our honey started being shipped around the world, we discovered how many people did not know the definition of an “Apiary” or that Hamakua was a historical region on the Big Island.

Rebranding Raw Hawaiian Honey Company

In 2018,  we began re-branding Hamakua Apiaries into “Raw Hawaiian Honey Company.”  We chose this name because it describes what we sell (Pure-Unfiltered | Raw Hawaiian Honey).

Artisanal Honey

With the experience of three generations of beekeeping, we are now teaching our sons to become the fourth generation of artisan beekeepers.  Us at Raw Hawaiian Honey Company understand the meaning of artisan.  You see, in simpler times when people took pride in their craft, it was the expertise in their trade that allowed them to produce exceptional honey and other products from the hive.
Our artisanal Hawaiian Honeys include Wild Flower Honey, Lehua HoneyMacadamia Nut HoneyChristmas Berry Honey.  We also infuse cold pressed Cacao into our Creamed Lehua Honey.  When you order Hawaiian Honey from us, you purchase the goodness and quality the bees created for themselves.
Raw Hawaiian Honey Company take pride in how we care for our bees and we are careful in the manner the honey is collected.  Our hope is to provide you with the best Hawaiian Honey and Bee Pollen.
We continue to mentor other beekeepers, who have become successful following our quality practices.  This mentoring process continues with training videos specific to beekeeping in Hawaii.  Check out our beekeepers journal to read article about History of Beekeeping in Hawaii and the benefits of the products we produce from our hives.