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Wholesale Hawaiian Honey | 60 lbs

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Wholesale Hawaiian Honey

Raw Hawaiian Honey is a local family owned company and a provider of the Finest Wholesale Honey.

Do you want delicious pure, unfiltered, raw Hawaiian Wholesale Honey for use in a product, to sell online or offer in your storefront?  We offers raw honey in prepackaged and labeled for resell or offered in bulk for food service.

Raw Hawaiian Honey offers bulk honey sold in a 5 gallon pail (60 lbs) of pure raw Hawaiian Honey. Or as a case of raw honey in half pints, pints, or quarts. We offer the finest wholesale honey you can buy.

Our Wholesale Honey is raw and unfiltered which goes from our bees to you. We have 3 varieties of Hawaiian Honey available for wholesale pricing. Our wholesale pricing reflects the cost of getting the honey to the mainland. Free shipping is included in the cost of the honey.  

Our Varietal Hawaiian Wholesale Honey

    • Hawaiian Wild Flower Honey
    • Ohia-Lehua Honey
    • Christmas Berry Honey

Description of each unique Varietal Honey Flavor:

Hawaiian Wild Flower Honey changes flavor throughout the year, based on the wild flowers the bees collect nectar and pollen. Most describe the Hawaiian Wild Flower honey as fruity with aromatic flavors that super charge your taste buds.

Lehua Honey produces a smooth, white honey that is thick and creamy. It is most distinguished for its texture, which is creamy and yet slightly crystallized. Many of our customers describe the taste as floral.

Christmas Berry Honey is one of the most stable and consistent honeys the Big Island produces. The honey is subtlety sweet with a hint of black licorice flavor that remains on you palette. For foodies, the consistency flavor of Christmas Berry Honey makes it a fantastic base for salad dressings or to infuse natural herbs.