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Christmas Berry Honey

Christmas Berry Honey - 12 ounce

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Hawaiian Christmas Berry Honey

A Big Island Favorite, Christmas Berry Honey, is one of the most stable and consistent honeys the Big Island produces. The honey is subtlety sweet with a hint of black licorice flavor that remains on you palette. For foodies, the consistency of the flavor makes it a fantastic base for salad dressings or making Mead (Honey Wine).
Infuse with Christmas Berry Honey

Christmas Berry Honey is often used by people wanting to infuse herbal flavors or medicinal herbs into the honey.  The bees collect the honey so the oils from the plant get into the nectar and also onto the bee.  This oil (protein) is what the herbal properties bond to.  To make these products, place the honey into a glass jar with the herbs, close the lid and place in the warm sun.  As the honey warms and cools over a few days, the herbal properties bond the oils and pollen.  The amount of time you keep it in the sun and the amount of herbs used will determine the outcome.

Natural Blending:

Christmas Berry (aka Wilelaiki ) grows in cattle grazing areas of the Big Island.  Its a none native plant species, so as the cattle eat it, the seeds are later deposited in other area.  In the Naalehu area, the Hawaiian Christmas Berry Honey | A Big Island Favorite sometimes blooms with the Kiawe.  We collect this complex honey as Naalehu Wild Flower.