hawaiian honey


  • Propolis

    Propolis Bee Culture Magazine, March 23, 2016 by Stephanie Bruneau What is propolis? Most beekeepers are all too familiar with the sticky,...
  • Bee Stings

    During this time of hive hosting, the bees reminded me only twice—via stings—not to get too close to the colonies while mowing or weed whacking, which they really hate!
  • Benefits of Natural Beeswax Candles

    Beeswax has been a precious commodity! Since at least 1550 BCE, ancient Egyptians have used beeswax for its many therapeutic properties.
  • Hawaiian Honey is Better

    It’s no small feat, as honey is composed of at least 181 components. Hawaiian Honeys unique taste is a result of complex chemical processes, which is why sugary syrup substitutes just can’t compare.